Aqualine Safari Fuel Tanks

Aqualine Safari Fuel Tanks - Long range fuel tanks to get you from the back of beyond

Honda XR650 fitted with an aqualine Safari Fuel Tank

Yamaha 2Trac

  • Protects radiators from crushing side impacts.
  • Front cross brace for maximum strength - ready for anything!
  • High density foam supports, puts weight on main frame.
  • Seat recess for maximum capacity and comfort with stock seat.
  • All tank fittings have metal or brass inserts - no self tappers!
  • No pump needed.
  • Excellent fit.
  • Uses original tank and seat mounts.
  • All tanks are made of high UV stabilised plastic.


PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately due to the strong Australian Dollar the cost of the tanks have sky-rocketed and I cannot keep the price artificially low anymore.

The retail prices shown include Import Duty, VAT and costs incurred from shipping the tanks to the UK. For more info please email or call.


Aqualine Safari News

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