Aqualine Safari Fuel Tanks

Aqualine Safari Fuel Tanks - Tip & Tricks

This is a section that provides information about your tank and how to install and look after it.

Handy Pre-Fitting Instructions

While we try to ensure our tanks are free of manufacturing trimmings when they leave the f...
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What to do with Fuel Taps.

Lubing the Fuel Taps Some of the taps on our early tanks tended to become tight with ti...
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In-line Fuel Filter?

This depends on your fuel source. Generally, if you’re buying fuel from a high-turno...
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Caring for Your Aqualine Tank

Your Safari Tank can take a lot of punishment, but a little care from time to time will ke...
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About Fuel Lines - Which ones to use.

Only use a fuel-approved hose if you need to replace the fuel line – available from ...
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