See What the Pros Say about Cyclops..


Travis Pastrana

Travis Pastrana -

"I ran for 3 hours after it got dark in the Baja 1000 with the Cyclops as my main lighting source and didn't lose any time. The Helmet Light worked perfectly for the entire duration. Even after hitting some low branches with the top of my helmet at high speeds and after one good tumble...The light never moved or even flickerd. I was very impressed."


Travis Pastrana


Mike Penland

Mike Penland - 10 time PRO ATV Utility Class Champion and Baja 1000 Winner

"I used the cyclops Helmet Light for the first time and could not believ how much it helped. It let me see blind spots and it helped me see the trails and turns that I had not seen yet, and when my stock light was pointing up, the Cyclops Light allowed me to look down. I knew the Cyclops Helmet Light was going to help me, but I could not believe how much. I'm really, really pleased!

Barry Hawk

Barry Hawk - 8 time AMA Grand National Cross Country Champion, Winner of 5 ATV GNCC Championships

"I could not believe how good I could see! My fastest lap times were at night!"

Justin Williamson

Justin Williamson

"The Cyclops Helmet Light system took me to a 4th overall at the LAST MAN STANDING. It's lightweight, durable, very bright, and a set of batteries lasts close to 3 hours, and the night riding is a blast. Now I do it regularly with one cyclops light and no light from the bike. I can actually run at my daytime pace. It's amazing! I would never have believed it until I actually tried it."

Randy Hawkins

Randy Hawkins - 2004 AMA National Enduro Champion, 13 time ISDE Gold Medalist

"The Cyclops Helmet Light works great! I always had a fear of riding in the dark, but the Cyclops Helmet Light took the fear away."