Safari Tanks for the Husaberg FE 09/10

The 2009 Husaberg Rallye Racing team that is competing in this years Australasian Safari rallye in Australia is very pleased to announce that a sponsorship arrangement with RV Aqualine / Safari Tanks of Australia to produce long range fuel tanks for the new 2009/2010 range of Husaberg FE offroad motorcycles has resulted in the development of a excellent modular tank system.

The tanks will be fitted to six of the teams FE570's for the Safari in the first week of August as real world competition testing. Upon completition of the event feedback will be provided to RV Aqualine which will be put into the production tanks for general sale. The new tanks will retain and utilise the existing stock 8.5L main tank and fuel pump system. The front tank will add an extra 7.5L to the main to give a total of 16L.

There will also be available a rear rallye style saddle tank that will hold a further 10L, this retains the stock exhaust mounting, providing a total fuel capacity of 26L. With the addition of the extra 4L of the under-seat sub-frame modification a total of 30L is achievable which is right ideal for Dakar and other longer rallies.


Please note: These photos are of pre-production Tanks not the finished article


Safari Tanks for the Husaberg FE 09/10