Tire Balls

Whether for work, pleasure or high performance, Tire Balls deliver increased traction and improved suspension to get you into and out of difficult terrain with virtual flat-proof confidence.

The puncture of a single cell inner tube results in a flat tire. The puncture of a Tire Ball inflated tire results in a single flat cell out of many, allowing many puncture situations to be ignored.

Don’t lose another race or weekend of recreation to a flat tire. Inflate your off-road tires with Tire Balls and enjoy flat proof inflation


Tireballs for Motorcycles and ATV's


Tire full of Tire BallsTireBalls, is a high performance flat-proof tyre inflation system based on multiple balls or inflation cells.

This revolutionary product is a tyre inflation system that offers not only virtual flat-proof characteristics but simultaneously improves traction and improves suspension performance.

The balls (air-cells) replace vulnerable single cell inner tubes and tube-less inflation systems. A puncture in a single cell inner tube or tubeless tyre results in a flat tyre, but a puncture of a TireBall inflated tyre results in a flat cell not a flat tyre. Chances are a rider will not even recognise the loss of air from the individual TireBall cell.

Each TireBall cell is made from state of the art materials that are 10 times more puncture resistant than conventional inner tubes.

TireBall cells are engineered to last for years, no need to remove them after every race to clean, just wash when you need to change the tyre !

To flatten a tyre inflated by TireBalls, many cells must be punctured. A side-wall cut or tread puncture has no effect on a TireBall inflated tyre.


Tire PunctureThis tyre was discovered to have major damage after a recent GNCC Event. Even though one TireBall cell was punctured, the rider was unaware of any problem and the tyre remained operationally intact capable of performance comparable to the other rear tyre. Without TireBalls this damage would have ended his day or required a tyre change.



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Pro2 Tireballs, Off Road type : £174 per wheel - In Stock

Motocross type: Available to order only


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