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The WER Steering Damper has undergone some upgrades to provide a strengthened unit with better internal valving offering more responsive tuning

Construction: The W.E.R. Steering Damper and brackets are constructed of 6061 T6 hard anodized aircraft aluminum for light weight and long life. The damper is a rotary hydraulic unit which uses hydraulic oil as the damping medium. The oil is easily changed by the owner and a very complete illustrated instruction manual is included with the unit. The W.E.R. Steering Damper is built to last many seasons. Our optional mount kits make it easy to transfer your damper from bike to bike.

Mounting: The W.E.R. Steering Damper is easily installed using hand tools. The damper/mount plate unit mounts to the lower triple clamp. The mount plate uses the existing fender bolt pattern (no modifications needed). The damper is actuated by a link tube with teflon impregnated heim ends to eliminate friction. The link tube is connected to the frame bracket which is either bolt-on, rivet-on or weld-on. These brackets are designed specifically for each application depending on make, model and year. Each bracket is engineered to install easily with basic shop tools.

Off-Road Steering Damper Operation: The W.E.R. Steering Damper features our exclusive valving system which eliminates headshake and reduces front wheel deflection without affecting the rider's ability to maneuver or make corrections. The W.E.R. Steering Damper delivers normal damping within 25 degrees right and left of center. Between 25 and 35 degrees the damping fades to no damping. Returning to center is always no damping. This is an especially important feature, as damping returning to center will greatly affect the bike's handling when jumping, or in case the rider hits a ditch or rock and the wheels leave the ground. These damping characteristics were developed to help the rider and not hinder the rider with excessive damping when damping is not beneficial. The rider will benefit by greatly reduced deflection caused by ruts and chop when entering turns under hard braking. The rider will be able to grip the bars lightly, resulting in greatly reduced fatigue and arm pump.

The damping characteristics are illustrated on the right. The damping is extremely adjustable via a thumbwheel adjuster screw (no tools required). The adjustment range is broad (light to heavy) to adapt to different terrain conditions and riding style.

Road Racing , Quad, and Dirt Track Steering Dampers: These models of the W.E.R. Steering Damper feature a completely different internal valve body mechanism than the Off Road damper. The Road Racing and Quad Racing Steering Dampers feature a full damping sweep and higher damping force than the Off Road Damper

Other Features: The W.E.R. Steering Damper is easily adapted to different brands of motorcycles via an inexpensive mounting kit. This allows the rider to transfer his W.E.R. Steering Damper to his new bike if he switches brands.

New damper assemblies come with all brackets and hardware to mount the damper onto your bike. In almost all cases of bikes with headlights, the headlight shell must be modified and/or relocated to accomodate the damper. For these bikes, W.E.R. offers OPTIONAL headlight mount kits. These kits are optional because some folks are creative enough to figure it out for themselves and prefer to do so.


Price: £ 350.00


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